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The Living Room - Exceptional Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrated Bliss, Pure and Potent

Dive into the deep end of flavor and potency with The Living Room’s collection of concentrates. Sourced from Evermore Cannabis Company and other top Maryland producers, our selection promises a transcendent experience.

Evermore's Unparalleled Extracts

Unearth the richness of Evermore Cannabis Company’s concentrates, where every dab is dedicated to quality. From the vibrant terpene profiles in their Live Resin Extracts to the refined purity of Evermore’s Cold Cured Hash Rosin, they bring a spectrum of textures and intensities.

Discover the art of extraction with Evermore’s Fresh Frozen Flower concentrates, washed, sifted, and pressed to perfection, or indulge in the unique offerings of Evermore Blends and Live Resin Sugar. It’s a showcase of craftsmanship right here in Maryland.

Maryland's Premium Cannabis Concentrates

At The Living Room, our shelves boast more than just Evermore’s masterpieces. We’ve handpicked an elite assortment of concentrates from Maryland’s most esteemed producers to ensure you have access to a world-class selection. Explore our array of shatters, waxes, and oils, each with a unique profile and potency, all meeting The Living Room’s approval for excellence.

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