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The Living Room - Premium Cannabis Edibles and Drinks

Eat and Sip the Good Stuff

Indulge in The Living Room’s collection of premium cannabis edibles and drinks. From Evermore’s artisanal creations to a handpicked selection from Maryland’s finest, satisfy your taste and experience something new.

Evermore's Edible Innovations

Embark on a culinary cannabis journey with Evermore Cannabis Company’s edibles. Featuring all-new Gelatin Discos and sumptuous chocolate selections, each piece perfectly blends flavor and effect, crafted for the epicurean and the everyday enthusiast.

A World of Flavor and Effects

Beyond Evermore, The Living Room offers tastes from Maryland’s top cannabis edibles producers. Explore an assortment that ranges from mouthwatering gummies to invigorating cannabis-infused beverages, all selected for their superior quality and memorable effects.

Join the Edible Adventure

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